Your Guide to Bluetooth in Hearing Aids

If you’ve purchased a new hearing aid in the past few years, there’s a possibility that it offers Bluetooth capability. Bluetooth is most commonly associated with hands-free cellular phone applications, however it is also commonly seen in mp3 players, home phones, TVs and computers. The Bluetooth technology in your hearing aid lets you communicate with these products in new ways, enhancing your listening experience and sound quality.

Nearly all hearing aids use a tiny, easy to use external device to operate their Bluetooth features.

Generally these devices–sometimes called controllers–are meant to be carried in a pocket or worn around the owner’s neck. The controller is used to wirelessly receive sounds from Bluetooth enabled devices and transmit them to your hearing aid. This allows you to hear your phone, TV, or other Bluetooth-compatible device without needing to turn the volume up high. You can even use Bluetooth to listen to phone conversations in both ears, making it even easier to understand.

Your Bluetooth controller will be designed for easy use. Oftentimes all you will need to do is press a button that is assigned to the device you wish to listen to. For example, if you want to listen to your phone through your hearing aid, simply press the phone button to access it. Depending on the specific type of Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids you have, you may also be able to access other features as well.

The additional comfort and safety that come with Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids can be especially significant for seniors with limited mobility. Some of the newer designs allow the wearer to place phone calls up to 30 feet away from the phone, providing easy communication without having to go to the telephone. This functionality can be potentially lifesaving during an emergency.

Bluetooth-enabled hearing aid provide a quality listening experience which is difficult or impossible to imitate using any other technology solution. This mix of crystal-clear sound and simple-to-use makes Bluetooth a terrific way to strengthen your hearing and enjoy activities that may have seemed unrealistic.

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