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Amplisound Hearing Care Centers:
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Has hearing loss disconnected you from the things that matter most in your life? Do you find that you’re not as active as you used to be, or that you’re simply drained at the end of the day from the constant struggle to hear?

If so, you’re not alone—millions of adults in the US suffer from hearing loss and all of its physical, mental, and social consequences, including impaired relationships and the premature decline of memory and cognition.

Fortunately, millions of US adults have also discovered that hearing loss is highly treatable. With the right technology—and the right hearing care professional—each individual’s hearing loss can be matched with the best technology according to personal needs and preferences. For those willing to seek help, better hearing is readily available.

At Amplisound Hearing Care Centers, we’ve been helping people hear better in the Danielson, Connecticut area and surrounding communities for more than 30 years. As Connecticut’s only hearing aid manufacturer and service and retail center, we provide better, faster service and more precise hearing aid fittings for our patients. We offer hearing aid technology from all of the leading manufacturers, and we have the expertise to program your new technology to optimize your hearing.

Why wait? You don’t have to live with hearing loss.

Why wait? You don’t have to live with hearing loss.

Ralph Campagna, BC-HIS

iHear – the Amplisound difference!

Integration  Hearing  Education  Amplification  Rehabilitation

More than just a hearing aid, a better hearing experience!

It takes a lot of knowledge about hearing and hearing aids to be both hearing aid manufacturer and retail hearing care center. We apply this expertise and over 30 years of experience to your hearing success.

Call today and get started on your journey to better hearing.

5 Reasons to Act Today

1. You'll increase your self-confidence.
When you can carry on a conversation, and can clearly hear what others are saying, you’ll not only feel smarter, you’ll act it, too.
2. You’ll improve your relationships with family and friends.
When you hear better, it makes it easier to communicate and stay connected.
3. You can increase your income.

You’ll enjoy work more and you won’t miss out on opportunities because of hearing loss.

4. You’ll feel better physically.
Hearing loss is directly correlated to increased hospital visits. With better hearing, your balance may improve and you’ll be healthier and happier, too.
5. You’ll enjoy life more.
With better hearing, you can live life to its fullest.

Why Choose Amplisound Hearing Care Centers?

We are Connecticut’s only hearing aid manufacturer, service and retail center.

At Amplisound, manufacturing and repairs are done at our local lab by well trained and experienced technical staff. This means greater precision of fit and faster delivery. Have confidence knowing that you are getting the finest hearing system at the best possible value.

Over 30 years experience and a passion for what we do equate to better hearing for you!

We help you understand what type of hearing loss you have and the best solutions that are available to you, so you can make an informed buying decision—one that will make you happy. Once you’ve selected the best hearing aid for your hearing, your lifestyle, and your budget, we program it for perfection, ensuring that you achieve the highest sound quality. Then we follow-up with you to fine tune your hearing aids to work optimally. Your satisfaction is our biggest concern.

Why wait? You don’t have to live with hearing loss.

Why wait? You don’t have to live with hearing loss.