Directional Microphones in Hearing Aids

Did you ever see a person on the sidelines of a televised football game holding and aiming a satellite dish shaped device toward the players in a huddle on the field? Or perhaps at a golf match where a person holds a long pole and aims it at the tee while the players hit there drives. What you are seeing are “directional microphones” designed to pick up sound at a focused upon area while reducing sound and interference from the side and behind. This same directional microphone technology, in a very, very tiny form, is used in today’s hearing aids!

Directional microphones in hearing aids are designed to help a person hear better in background noise.

While focusing on the person in front of them, the directional feature reduces unwanted sounds from being amplified from behind. This feature is accessed by pressing a small button on the hearing device, and can be automatically turned-on in some of the more advanced digital products.

Ability to hear better in noise – such as in restaurants, parties, crowds – is the most important reason to choose Directional Microphones. The ability to switch between directional and omni is desirable since there are occasions when it is better to hear from all sides – such as: walking on a street or sidewalk, in a car, listening to music or TV.

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