Hearing with Two Ears

It is called binaural listening; bi, for two; and aural, for the sense of hearing. The human ear is the most advanced stereophonic wonder known to man. It provides the listener with space perception, depth perception and balance. Hearing does not happen in your ears, it happens in your brain. Your brain requires reliable information from your ears in order to decipher sound. Using just one hearing aid when hearing test results indicate that two are needed reduces your brain’s chances of hearing and understanding by fifty percent, as well as removes your ability to perceive depth and space.

Here are seven reason to wear to hearing aids if indicated by your hearing test:

1. Less power is needed with two hearing aid are worn. When your ears work together, lower volume settings are required for comfortable hearing. You will experience greater efficiency and clarity with two hearing aids.

2. Stereo listening gives depth perception. Anyone who enjoys music in stereo compared to mono, know the difference.

3. Detecting sound direction saves embarrassment and lives. A “one eared listener” is always wondering “where is that sound coming from?” when someone speaks. He can also never tell the direction of a screeching automobile

4. Good manners takes two ears. One eared listeners may be considered rude because they tend to ignore the speaker on their unaided side.

5. Give your brain what it needs for auditory intelligence. The two halves of your brain work in harmony to provide you with an auditory image. It is the difference signal each ear sends to the brain that makes the perception possible. If the two halves are not sharing information, auditory intelligence is reduced.

6. Two ears hear better in noise. When several people are talking at the same time, such as in a restaurant, it becomes difficult to understand that one person at the table with you. The one eared listener blends all of the voices together. Binaural hearing aids give the best advantage to hearing in noise.

7. Quality of sound is better quality of living. The vast majority of people who now wear binaural hearing aids will tell you that “listening with two aided ears is the only way to fully enjoy the 3-D world we live in.” The advantages of superior sound should not be underestimated. Seize the opportunity to enhance your listening quality, should your test results indicate two hearing aids are needed.

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